ERI: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
(Transplant - 2 editions)
BBC1 Scotland (PD) 2006
Coast - Series 1
BBC1 (AP) 2005
Time Flyers
BBC2 (PD) 2000 - 2003
i) Villages of the Dammed
ii) Clash of the Clans
iii) The Missing Castle
The Sword and the Cross
BBC2 Scotland (PD) 2003
Prog 2) Knox
Prog 4) The Godly Commonwealth
Meet the Ancestors Special:
Malaria and the Fall of Rome
BBC2 (AP) 2001
Secret History Special:
The Few
Channel 4 (AP) 2000
Football Stories:
Man in Black
Channel 4 (AP) 2000
ITV (AP) 1999
Celtic America
STV/S4C/RTE (AP) 1999
War Walks
BBC1 (Res) 1997
i) Hastings
ii) Bosworth
iii) Naseby
iv) Boyne
Driving School
BBC1  (Res) 1997
An Everyday Story of Country Life
BBC2 (Res) 1996
999 & 999 Lifesavers
BBC1 (Res) 1996
Picture This:
Close Friends in Distant Rooms
BBC2 (AP) 1995

Television Days

These are just a few images from my television days...

One of the worlds's true heroes - Battle of Britain RAFVR Sergeant Pilot Iain Hutchinson, who I directed stepping into a Spitfire at Duxford for the first time in 55 years, for Channel Four's Secret History Special: The Few, in 2000. Iain sadly passed away in May 2007, aged 88.


Directing an interview in 2003 for the Time Flyers series between presenters Jo Caruth, Dave McLeod and Mark Horton, and Angus Morrison of the Clan Morrison Society, against the backdrop of the Dun Eistean sea stack.


Crewshot at the harbour of my home town of Carrickfergus, whilst filming War Walks (series 2) in the summer of 1997. Left to right, Professor Richard Holmes in discussion with director Mark Fielder, then cameraman Jeremy Humphreys, production manager Vicky Carter, soundman Roger Long and myself.


Richard Holmes and his horse Thatch conquer the Welsh Marches, filming War Walks (series 2), 1997.


With presenter Julian Richards, director Andrew Thompson, and crew, filming Meet the Ancestors Special: Malaria and the Fall of Rome in Lugnano, Italy, in September 2001. Whilst waiting for our flight home on September 11th at Rome Airport, we watched two planes crash into the World Trade centre in New York, live on Italian television.


On top of the world - Yosemite, California, 1999 - whilst filming STV/RTE.S4C series, "Celtic America". Left to right - cameraman Simon Banks, camera assistant Chris Dale, soundman Chris Sheedy, assistant producer Chris Paton, producer Ross Wilson, director John Gwyn Jones.

No, not Airwolf or Chopper Squad! Amanda Perry and myself on a recce at Cumbernauld for the pilot  programme of Time Flyers, in 2001.

My last BBC job - filming transplant operations at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Pictured with me is Asheligh Gallagher, who recorded sound, and who endured as many early mornings and gruesome operations as me!